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Playing a major role in restoring health by supplying the required nutrients, diet is an integral part of naturopathy. Proper diet yields both preventive and curative benefits. Those who understand and follow the basic principles of a healthy diet can lead a healthy life.

Naturopathy emphasizes a wholesome vegetarian diet. Raw food is preferred because its natural alkaline level remains intact. Alkaline helps to reduce acidity, and prevent digestive problems. Steamed, boiled and baked foods are also acceptable value when cooked at such high temperatures. The Centre does not allow consumption of Non-Vegetarian Food in its premises.

The centre takes great care in serving a selection of the finest, freshest, healthiest food – buffet style. Our method of meal preparation preserves the natural biological energy sources of all ingredients. Each patient follows an individual diet program (which may include fasting) that is strictly monitored by the Kitchen Manager. Therefore, you may see others eating or drinking something not on the buffet. If you have any questions or comments about your meals, please consult the Kitchen Manager during mealtime in the Dining Hall. When you go off-site and plan to be late for or miss a meal, please inform the Kitchen Manager in advance.

Feel free to discuss your diet program with the doctor during your consultation.

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