Our Doctors

An internationally acclaimed nature cure centre, Navjivan stands as a beacon of holistic healthcare excellence. This is a testament to the collaborative genius of Dr. RSK Mohapatra and Dr. Raksha Chhadva.

Dr. RSK Mohapatra believes in harnessing the power of nature for treatments, while Dr. Raksha Chhadva curates transformative wellness solutions that are tailored to each guest.

Together, they are custodians of India’s rich heritage of natural healing, while also setting a precedent for global wellness standards.

Dr RSK Mohapatra

Dr RSK Mohapatra’s distinguished career spans over two decades. With a bachelor’s degree in Ayurveda, along with a diploma in dietetics and naturopathy, Dr. Mohapatra’s expertise extends wider with a Master’s in Yogic Sciences and ongoing pursuit of a PhD in the same field. 

Having healed and transformed the lives of thousands through his knowledge, Dr. Mohapatra truly believes that while physicians treat, it’s nature that truly heals.

Dr Raksha Chhadva

Dr Raksha Chhadva’s expertise extends to naturopathy, dietetics, and nutrition counselling. Having completed a degree in Nutritional Psychiatry from Harvard Medical College ,she’s always trying to gain knowledge to help treat her patients better.

Her treatment approach involves aromatherapy, diet and nutrition and naturopathy, all of which come together for a comprehensive healing solution.