Weight Loss Program

Achieve lasting weight loss through our personalised ayurvedic approach.

Our Weight Loss Program is committed to promoting natural weight loss, without any invasive procedures or harmful medications. It’s designed to empower individuals to achieve their goals through a combination of tailored diet plans, expert guidance, and holistic therapies.


  • Ellipse 86 (1)
    Personalised diet plans 
  • Ellipse 84
    Balanced and sustainable approach
  • Ellipse 86 (2)
    Learn new exercises and yoga asanas
  • Ellipse 85
    A healthy lifestyle for years to come


We practise Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Yoga and much more. You can find our complete list of offers here.

From detox, to diabetes, to weight loss, to more serious diseases, we have a perfectly curated programme for every kind of health issue. You can find the list here.

Navjivan Nature Cure Centre sprawls across 12 acres of lush greenery amidst Kutch, Gujarat, India, surrounded by 150 acres of organic farmlands. In addition to being in the lap of nature, there are exercise rooms, yoga centres, walking tracks and much more.